Since 2016, with the aim of measuring its performance with respect to international market leaders and improving the quality of its services, maximizing client and investor satisfaction, COIMA SGR commissioned an assessment of tenant satisfaction, including those of the MHREC fund in which COIMA RES owns a stake, to Kingsley Associates, the creator of the Kingsley IndexSM, an index applied to measure client satisfaction levels.

In 2017 COIMA RES set a goal of increasing the percentage of properties covered by the survey from 20% to 50%. Over the course of the year, the company included all of the properties comprising its portfolio, achieving 100% coverage and identifying, for each tenant, a contact person to whom submit a questionnaire on the main property management activities. The questionnaires have been personalized on the basis of the type of property leased (offices or retail), and supplemented with additional new specific questions on sustainability issues.

Based upon the results achieved in 2017, significant indications came to light on the perception of the properties quality, especially for the newly acquired, achieving positive results in index level and tenants’ comments.


Analyze the results and to develop targeted actions to resolve the critical issues highlighted by the survey in order to align the tenant satisfaction index to the portfolio benchmark, and the Kingsley Index benchmark (include green lease clauses in agreements under renegotiation, sustainability awareness-raising actions, etc.)

Through the integrated contribution from the Asset and Propety Manager; develop an approach that put tenants and services suppliers as active partners alongside COIMA RES in pursuing sustainability objectives, with particular attention of the inclusion in lease agreements of green clauses providing for the tenants’ proactive involvement in achieving significant results in sustainability performance.

1) Kingsley Index overall satisfaction is based on the results of an average european survey. Specific to asset classes