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For spontaneous applications in the field of acquisition, enhancement and management of properties by professionals with economic-financial and / or engineering background, please write to Loredana Crea, HR & Organization Manager of COIMA RES.

Loredana Crea


Human Resources Senior Manager


Selection process

The selection process is structured in several steps. It starts with a wide-ranging interview with the manager of reference and the HR manager, with the aim of studying both the technical aspects and the attitudinal and motivational factors. At a later stage, a practical exercise that allows us to observe the candidate engaging in activities similar to those he would be required to perform if selected; this is also an opportunity for the candidate to challenge himself and understand already in the selection phase if the role could be a good fit. Finally, the last formal step involves an interview with the top management of the reference structure. We consider every moment of the selection process as an opportunity for mutual knowledge and observation, so from the very beginning we encourage candidates to interact, share curiosity and ask questions, to which we respond promptly and transparently.


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