COIMA RES as an investment

COIMA RES is a company managed according to the international best practices with the aim of creating value for its shareholders. Strarting from the IPO, the company consolidated its portfolio and generated solid economic and financial results, demonstrating that it is a solid and transparent vehicle offering Italian and foreign investors an attractive access point to the Italian real estate market.

Our governance, which was built on solid and well-organised foundations, is in line with the Code of Corporate Governance: a Board of Directors with nine members, seven of whom are independent and one non-executive director (two are women) with appropriate, diversified skills, an Investments Committee, a Remuneration Committee and a Control and Risk and Related-Parties Committee.

The COIMA platform, of which COIMA RES avails itself, offers the reliability of a team of over 150 professionals, experts in the real estate sector and with senior management who, having worked together for over 10 years, have gained first-rate experience in investments and the development and management of real estate projects.

The active management of our property portfolio, supported by a selective investment strategy and prudent cost management, has enabled us to achieve a total shareholder return of 8.0% in 2017. The significant component of core type properties in the portfolio, equal to 82%, has allowed us to announce a total dividend of Euro 0.27 per share for 2017. Financial management remains prudent, with an LTV of 38.1% as at December 31st, 2017.

In the future, our focus in the short-medium term will remain mainly focused on the office sector in Milan and we expect to increase the Core+ and value-add component in order to further develop the portfolio from a perspective of rental and net asset value growth, to offer even more attractive returns to our shareholders with a moderate incremental exposure to risk.

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