Strategy and business model

COIMA RES investment strategy aims to create a high-quality portfolio of commercial real estate assets which generates a growing and sustainable cash flow and has the potential for capital appreciation over time.

We acquire, actively manage, and selectively dispose properties with the aim of generating value for shareholders.

COIMA RES current focus is on building a resilient and long term oriented portfolio of office properties mainly located in Milan, being the largest and most liquid real estate sub-market in Italy.

The company focuses primarily on Core and Core + assets and typically invests in Value-add assets in JV with third parties.

COIMA RES properties are generally characterised by the following features:

investing in high quality buildings gives COIMA RES a competitive advantage with tenants and helps COIMA RES building a resilient real estate property portfolio in the long term. The quality of the building is assessed both in terms of the status of the building at acquisition as well as in terms of the building potential to be upgraded. Building quality certifications (such as LEED certifications) are often sought by COIMA RES to validate the quality of its portfolio and to attract high quality tenants.

investing in buildings which are located (or that can be located) to high quality tenants gives COIMA RES a competitive advantage in terms of the quality of our cash flow.

COIMA RES seeks to build a portfolio which offers a balanced mix of long-term contracts to provide for a stable cash flow base to the business as well as shorter contracts to be able to capture potential positive leasing reversion.

COIMA RES mainly focuses on properties that are strategically located and well connected to the public transportation networks.