COIMA, as an integrated platform, promotes a corporate culture based on social relations, collaboration and dialogue between employees and collaborators to facilitate a cross-sectoral approach and the exchange of skills.

People are the key element for COIMA’s success, and they represent its primary capital and investment. For this reason, extensive energy is dedicated to ensure, during the selection phase, that the values in which COIMA believes are aligned with the candidates’ values. Characteristics such as passion for hard work, desire to take on new challenges daily, ability to work in teams and to share know-how, are as important as technical preparation and the capacity to achieve high performance levels.

The channel of contact with candidates is the Career section of the site and Linkedin, where open searches are published. Partnership with primary head-hunting firms and use of specialized websites serve as an instrument enabling COIMA to identify more senior figures with strategic expertise, while participation at university events, such as Career Days, constitute the preferred channels for selecting young talents.

Every two years COIMA organizes a Retreat aimed at employees who, for a few days, leave the daily life of their offices to carry out activities related to teamwork and to study in a different place. The event is the result of an internal competition, organized by various COIMA teams and awarded by a jury. The second company Retreat took place in Trentino Alto Adige with team building sessions aimed at strengthening relationships between colleagues and addressing issues of common improvement, linked to sustainability and corporate responsibility.

Discover the experiences of those who have already joined the COIMA RES world

The work environment of COIMA RES is based on teamwork and on the ability to develop the skills of its employees. Each of us is aware of the contribution of each individual and this helps to generate a pleasant, stimulating and dynamic environment that allows people to work well. The company is located in the heart of Porta Nuova, overlooking the park Biblioteca degli Alberi, built to the highest standards of functionality and sustainability, guaranteeing an overall quality of the location of absolute excellence: very pleasant common areas, meeting rooms, a panoramic terrace where meetings, get-togethers between colleagues and company awards are organized. Knowledge Sharing Programs are periodically organized with renowned national and international speakers, as well as yoga, marathons, charity events and days dedicated to children in the office. These are all indicators of attention and sensitivity that create pride, motivation and a sense of belonging within the organization.

Carlotta Ciuffardi

Manager Finance

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Working in COIMA RES has several positive aspects, including the possibility of working in a stimulating and constantly evolving environment. Working in a small team gives the possibility to have a continuous confrontation, and therefore to be able to develop and improve our technical and relational skills. The company has the well-being of its employees and the environment around them very much at heart, in fact, in addition to defining different sustainability-based policies within the HQ, it periodically organizes various activities or events that favour aggregation, having often also a social utility. I would recommend working in this company to anyone who wants to get involved in a small reality that at the same time continually sets for itself big goals for the future.

Emiliano Mancuso

Senior Manager Planning & Control

Our values


We position ourselves as independent and fiduciary partner for tenants and investors, both domestic and international


We constantly seek new challenges by expanding our knowledge and experience in a creative yet rigorous way


We seek the highest quality in everything we do with passion and commitment


Honesty and transparency are essential values for us


We are committed to making our investments responsible for society and the environment

Appreciating diversity

For COIMA RES, diversity means opportunity. Differences between people, whether in culture, personality or talents, are important because they complete the company and make it stronger and more future-oriented, day by day.

Working with different cultures creates a unique opportunity for exchange which enriches every individual and generates an open, stimulating working environment. COIMA RES collaborates with the best international Real Estate professionals and constantly aligns with high international quality standards.

COIMA RES ensures everyone the same rights and opportunities regardless of race, culture and religious background, gender, sexual orientation and political beliefs. To date, in 2021, among the 6 professionals of COIMA RES we count 2 women, one of whom holds a role of responsibility within the organization and 2 employees under the age of 35.

To ensure this, COIMA RES pays particular attention to:

the creation of a welcoming, inclusive working environment, free from discrimination and bullying on the basis of personal or cultural diversity;

the implementation of HR policies to guarantee that staff are treated fairly, right from the initial selection procedure.

COIMA RES believes strongly in listening to people and that everyone can contribute to transforming the company into a Great Place to Work. Reflecting this conviction, at the end of 2018 it introduced a work environment survey involving the entire population, to identify the company's main strengths and areas for improvement, with the aid of comparison with the top international players. The results were then shared with all employees during the Corporate Update at the beginning of 2019. The topics surveyed covered all aspects of life at COIMA, including ethics, trust in the management, team spirit, training and career growth opportunities, work-life balance, compensation, etc. Reflecting COIMA's status as a player of excellence in the real estate sector, the areas of greatest satisfaction were those closest to the business itself, including integrity and trust in the management. Topics such as diversity and sustainability and innovation also won very positive rating. Last but not least, a strong feeling of pride in belonging to COIMA RES emerged and people stated their intention of staying with us over the long term.

However, there are still many areas in which the company wishes to invest. In particular, the company needs to better balance the distribution of workloads within teams, complete its technology investment projects and further reinforce its organisation by training and ongoing people development.

With regard to compensation policies, the company will invest in supplementary welfare and pension packages in order to be more competitive on a particularly dynamic labour market, and in response to people's needs. These projects are under development and will get under way in 2021.