COIMA RES participates to EPRA Asia

29 November 2016

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• As of December 6th (post Italian referendum), COIMA RES will be launching Monthly Calls on the Italian Real Estate market
• COIMA RES awarded “best team” by “FinanceCommunity Award”

COIMA RES S.p.A. SIIQ (“COIMA RES”) – an Italian publicly listed real estate company specialised in investing and managing commercial properties in Italy – announced that Manfredi Catella (COIMA RES, Founder & CEO) and Gabriele Bonfiglioli (COIMA RES, Key Manager) will be at EPRA Asia, a roadshow organised by the European Public Real Estate Association, which will visit the financial communities in Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, Seoul, and Tokyo between 12th and 16th of December, 2016.

During the EPRA Roadshow in Asia, COIMA RES will have another opportunity to present the outlook of the Italian Real Estate market, the results achieved by the Company and its investment strategy.

As of IPO (05.13.2016), COIMA RES achieves accelerated results

- Real Estate portfolio growth: increase from 140 million Euros at IPO to approximately 500 million Euros;
- Tenant diversification: from 1 at IPO to 21 tenants;
- Gross Rental Income growth: increase from 7.7 million Euros at IPO to 29.91 million Euros;
- Funds From Operation growth: increase from 2.6 million Euros at IPO to 12.12 million Euros;
- EPRA Earnings: increase from 2.5 million Euros (0.1 Euro per share) at IPO to 13.03 million Euros (0.4 Euro per share);
- Controlling risks: Net Loan to Value equal to 32.1% (including self-liquidating VAT line) and 25.9% (ex VAT);
- Dividend distribution: management accelerated investment execution following IPO allows COIMA RES to anticipate distribution of proceeds with first distribution starting in April, 2017 (in relation to 2016 profit);
- EPRA Net Initial Yield: equal to 5.2%. The roadshow’s presentation will be available in the “Investor Relations” section of COIMA RES website.

1 Pro-forma data considering all the acquisition completed on January 1st, 2016.
2 Pro-forma data considering all the acquisition completed on January 1st, 2016.
3 Pro-forma data considering all the acquisition completed on January 1st, 2016.

Furthermore, COIMA RES informs that it’s going to organise a series of Monthly Calls focusing on updates of the Italian real estate market’s performance on a monthly basis. The schedule is as follows: Tuesday, December 6 th 2016 (3 p.m.), post Italian referendum; Thursday, January 26th 2017 (3 p.m.); Thursday, February 9 th 2017, during the presentation of the Annual Report (3 p.m.); and Thursday March 30th 2017 (3 p.m.).

The Conference Calls will be in English. Presentations and details will be available in the “Investor Relations – Calendars” section of COIMA RES website on each conference day starting from 11 a.m. The Calls will be led by Manfredi Catella, Gabriele Bonfiglioli, Fulvio Di Gilio (CFO, COIMA Res) and in addition experts on real estate and financial markets.

On Thursday, November 24th, the COIMA RES team was honored as best real estate team by "Finance Community Awards" - organized by the namesake magazine, specialized in the financial and legal news - where COIMA RES has been recognized as "one of the few listed in the real estate sector, certainly among the most active in Italy, especially in Milan."

Finally, further to the previous communication to investors dated September 29th 2016 concerning the Company’s decision to publish quarterly results starting from September 30th 2016 for transparency reasons – and in compliance with article 82-ter of Consob Regulation 11971/99, as subsequently amended – COIMA RES announced that quarterly results will be disclosed within 45 days of the end of the quarter, by means of a press release and through the publication of a specific document with the same disclosure provided in the half-year report, albeit in a condensed form.


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