COIMA RES leverages on the IT and digitalization services of the COIMA platform. The growing digitalization of the real estate market has seen the birth of the so-called “PropTech”, which means “Property Technology”. COIMA is working on its own “Digital Transformation”, in both its internal operational processes and the definition of the new real estate products.

COIMA's Digital Journey




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Internal digital transformation and process streamlining

Better operational model

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Data Warehouse

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Enterprise Resource Planning

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Business Plan

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Virtual Data Room




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COIMA digital innovation

Next generation real-estate products

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The understanding of the requirements of those who use any physical space may be improved by data analytics gathered through the use of innovative digital technologies and the “Internet of Things” (IoT). The analysis of processes for an ongoing improvement of the user experience through the adoption of innovative services, represent the main objective of the COIMA digital strategy.

The transformation of data into precious information allows for a more precise understanding of how people interact with the surrounding space, influencing and guiding the design and construction of new services in line with users’ expectations.

Placing the Customer Experience at the center, the digital transformation program that COIMA has embraced has its main goal in assessing and adopting the most innovative technologies available on the global market in order to extract maximum value from the available data with the aim of improving internal processes increasingly efficient and simultaneously develop new distinctive products in which digital experiences are integrated with physical experiences and allow users to thoroughly enjoy their surrounding spaces.

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