In 2018 COIMA RES has been included in the in the GPR IPCM LFSS Sustainable GRES Index (the “GPR IPCM Sustainability Index”), which comprises 150 companies globally mainly active in the real estate sector.

The aggregate free float market cap of the companies included in the index is approx. US$ 850 billion. The GPR IPCM Sustainability Index is managed by Global Property Research (“GPR”), and is based on rankings prepared according to the Inflection Point Capital Management (“IPCM”) proprietary Sustainability and ESG model.

COIMA RES attained a particularly high score of 7.8 out of 10 in the Sustainability and ESG model which considers various factors including strategy, energy efficiency, management of climate change, water efficiency and the recognition of the strong commercial potential of proactively addressing environmental aspects.

COIMA RES is currently a top 25 company out of the 150 companies included in the GPR IPCM Sustainability Index.