Relationship with tenants

COIMA RES periodically checks the quality of the service provided through the Kingsley IndexSM Survey; a consolidated methodology for measuring and evaluating tenant’s satisfaction that is led by questionnaires that are customised according to the spaces’ location. The results obtained in each survey are compared with those of previous years, along with national, European and global market results to identify potential areas for improvement and specific interventions plan.

Given the strong discontinuity brought by the COVID-19 pandemic in the way offices have been used, during the fourth quarter of 2020, COIMA carried out a structured survey on a group of medium to large sized corporates aimed at gathering feedback on how these corporates were interpreting and planning the role of offices in a post-COVID-19 perspective.

The survey involved 38 companies operating in Italy (both Italian and foreign) belonging to both the COIMA portfolio and the real estate owned by other landlords. This survey strengthened COIMA’s relationship with these companies and gave the opportunity to collect several ideas regarding the perception of the potential role that offices will have following the COVID-19 pandemic. In relation to this issue, the results of the survey show how, in the future, aspects concerning the quality and flexibility of the use of real estate are likely to be sought and encouraged by tenants. On one hand, it will be possible to reduce the space allocated to offices as a result of the structural consolidation of remote working practices, and on the other hand, increasingly attractive and sustainable spaces will be required that can guarantee the well-being and health of employees.