Stakeholders and materiality matrix

Also during 2019, COIMA RES updated its materiality matrix: this activity represents a crucial moment to deepen the evolution of the themes and trends on environmental, social and governance aspects and to observe how these effect on the activities of COIMA RES and its organization.

The COIMA RES materiality analysis is based on:

- Deep dive of external perception of the company, through the analysis of the press review and the web

- Analysis of emerging trends in the sector, with a comparison activity with the main competitors

- Involvement of the company’s management, focused on the adequacy of responses to external solicitations and on market outlook.


The COIMA RES business model has been established since the Company’s inception to proactively respond to the main market dynamics, integrating the most relevant environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects.

In 2020, the reference scenario, as well as the acceleration of actions in order to combat climate change, were strongly characterised by the phenomena relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. In economic and social life, several obvious discontinuities were generated, including the need for social distancing which accentuated trends that were already underway, and the establishment of remote working which was made possible thanks to the innovation of digital technologies; all aspects on which COIMA RES has dedicated reflections and insights, discussing and debating with its reference stakeholders.

For COIMA RES, relations with business stakeholders have always been functional to the strategic objective of maintaining a clear and anticipatory vision of the main risks and, at the same time, of the potential areas of opportunities through which the Company continues to create value with their activities in the medium to long term.

This is the issue that the institutions place at the heart of sustainable development policies, around which considerable financial resources are being mobilised, as well as the interest of investors most sensitive to a proper appreciation of climate risk. COIMA RES has adopted an investment strategy which favours quality buildings that meet the highest environmental standards, or which have the potential for exploitation that can be achieved through redevelopment, with particular focus on energy reduction and consequent CO2 emissions.
They represent the conditions underlying the ability to attract and maintain tenants with the aim of reducing the risk profile of COIMA RES and improving its profitability. COIMA RES verifies on a periodic basis the satisfaction of its tenants and active participation programs at national and international comparison tables to anticipate future trends in the sector, trying to combine well-being and innovation.

Themes that the pandemic has brought out as a fundamental condition to allow the full expression of all economic and social activities. COIMA RES considers these aspects at all stages of its value chain, from design to property management. COIMA RES has provided support to its tenants to manage the various phases of the healthcare emergency, in order to guarantee safe access to buildings, with particular attention to the case in which buildings are leased to multiple tenants.
The way buildings are conceived and integrated with the urban fabric, resulting in new aggregation centers, has a direct impact on how the inhabitants live, work and benefit from the services offered by the city. COIMA RES is careful to the evolution of the dynamics of the territory and works to promote and implement development projects characterised by an integrated vision, with objectives of the impact on the regeneration of the urban fabric.
The market and investors are asking transparency in corporate management and information reporting and increasing participation in decision-making processes. COIMA RES applies best corporate governance practices and reports annually on its ESG performance, according to the generally accepted industry standards. Also in 2020, and for the fourth year in a row, COIMA RES received the EPRA Gold Award for its financial and sustainability reporting for the year 2019.

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